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​KOKA MAJA offers modern and extraordinary architecture with integrated ecological and environment-friendly material — timber. Our goal is to offer high quality for the best prices at the market.

Company’s manufacturing process is provided only with high quality, certificated materials and modern solutions. We add interesting elements in order to create attractive houses, which tremendously engage the surrounding ambience. We will deliver and install your chosen project in any location you choose.
In 2008, company’s production with good results was presented during annual Paris exposition Immobilier de Paris, thereby initiating companies business strategy for European market. By signing partership agreement with manufacturing company Pildne Ltd during year 2009, Koka Māja offers new product to its clients — high quality Floating Fuel Stations, the best refueling approach for small and medium sized ships and vessels. At the moment Aquarium Projects activities cover such countries as France, Germany, Spain, Croatia and Belgium. In order to expand business activities Our company are always opened for partnership relations thus exploring and achieving new markets in new countries.

​KOKA MĀJA Ltd. is a company based in Riga, Latvia (EU) Companies main specialization is high quality land timber frame construction production and project development.


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